Other Fees

live_helpIf a portion of a full order has been delivered to Buyippee Kwun Tong Pickup Point, may the buyer pickup the partial order first?
Buyers are allowed to pick up their partial order first, but buyers are required to pay 20 HKD Handling charge as well as 500 HKD deposit.

If the full order has been delivered to Buyippee Kwun Tong Pickup Point, the buyers pre-paid deposit of 500 HKD will return back to the buyer. Buyer will still pay for the handling fee.

live_helpWhy is there a storage fee?
Buyippee provides free storage for 14 working days. This free of charge storage is applied after Buyippee sends a shipment collection confirmation to the buyer. The Buyer will need to collect their order within this time frame to avoid being charged 20 HKD/day afterwards.

Buyippee has a few locations and delivery service for the buyer. As long as the buyer picks up their order within 14 working days period or if they request for delivery, the buyer can avoid the extra storage fee.

live_helpCan I consolidate all my orders into one single order form, and avoid paying extra shipping fees?
Many buyers will want to consolidate all their orders into one single order so that they can avoid paying extra shipping fees.

If you wish to combine all the packages in one order form but the tracking information is not available from the seller yet. You may first fill in "0000000000" in the order form, then provide back to us via whatsapp / facebook pm / email for updating once available. Please be reminded to provide the information back to us in timely manner as if the shipment is on the way back to Hong Kong, it cannot be repacked.