1. What is “Buy for You” service?

Many people in HK wish to buy their favourite products overseas. However, most foreign online sellers will only accept local credit cards for the payment settlement.  Also, some foreign online sellers will only ship locally, or they offer expensive shipping rates for international shipping. Our “Buy for You” service will fix these problems. We will help buy your desired products online, and then we will ship your item from our overseas warehouse back to our HK warehouse for collection.

2. What is “Ship for You” service?

Once you have registered as a Buyippee member, you will receive a confirmation email for your registration as well as our overseas office addresses. You may now enjoy the freedom to online around the world by utilizing our overseas office addresses for ordering your products.  After your ordered products arrive at our overseas office, we will arrange to ship it back to our HK warehouse for collection. 

3. What is “Buyipeee Easy Delivery Express” service?

We provide Door to Door delivery service that the buyer can pay by cash to our staff. The Buyer is not required to settle any advance payment until shipment delivery. Start from 1st November 2018, the delivery fee for Buyippee Express Service is amended as below. Free Buyippee Express Service will be given for shipments over 20 KG to Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and most of the downtown in the new territories.

Service Fee:https://www.buyippee.com/tc/news/details/66

4. How do we calculate shipment cost?

The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package.  A less dense item occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight. The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment. The higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.  

5. What are the prohibited items being shipped by air?

For the safety and security, TSA, IATA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and airlines have banned certain items being shipped by air. To help you plan ahead and avoid the potential for additional screening, please refer to the prohibited items list below before buying products online:

1. Prohibited items

2. Plants and animals

3. Food

4. Drug

5. Medical Materials

6. Liquid

7. Product in powdery / colloidal / lactescent form

8. Compressed gases

9. Flammable solids

10. Explosives, Arms and Ammunition

11. Radioactive materials

12. Products contain lithium-battery

As many commodities does not include detailed information about its contents. Please check with us if you have any uncertainty about the products you are buying is eligible for exporting. You will compensate us for any penalties or fines incurred if any shipments or goods are found to be prohibited or controlled substances, hazardous or illegal.

6. What is Buyippee repackaging option?

As most of our customers would like to keep the original packing box from the seller for a re-selling purpose; therefore, Buyippee would ship all the items back to Hong Kong with the original packaging from the seller. However, some customers may have a requirement not to send the original packaging to save the shipment cost. As a result, Buyippee will help repack your purchased item to reduce the size of your shipment. In a general situation, we will contribute to remove the outer packing carton box. If there are more packing materials inside the package, we may not remove it. Please be aware of the below repackaging conditions:

• Fragile items, food, pet food, liquid, alcoholic beverage, cannot repack

• We only have limited packaging material; not all shipments would have the perfect packing material to repack your item.

• We are not responsible for any defective or product damage after repacking

Items will be repacked individually instead of putting them together in one box for shipment; please refer to the link below for more details:


7. If a portion of a full order already delivered to Buyippee Kwun Tong Office, may the buyer pick up the partial order first?

Customers are allowed to pick up their partial order first, but they are required to pay 20 HKD Handling charge as well as 500 HKD deposit.

Note: If the full order already delivered to Buyippee Kwun Tong Office, the buyers pre-paid deposit of 500 HKD will return to them. The buyer will still pay the handling fee.

8. Why is there a storage fee?

Buyippee provides free storage for 14 working days. This free of charge storage is applied after Buyippee sends a shipment collection confirmation to the buyer. The Buyer will need to collect their order within this time frame to avoid paying 20 HKD/day afterwards.


Buyippee has a few locations and delivery service for the buyer. As long as the buyer picks up their order within 14 working days period, or if they request for delivery, the buyer can avoid the extra storage fee.

Is there any size limit for the parcel?

Any of the above items with the sum of length, width, and height over 160 mm, please contact our customer service for a price quotation.